Forging results in parts that are stronger than cast or machined parts. Our processes include die forging, open die forging, machined forging, & flashless forging. Capabilities include hammering, mechanical & hydraulic pressing, upsetting, bending & hot parts forming for forging. In-house machining is used for finishing operations. Forgings range from 1/2 lb. to 500 lb. All forging grades of material can be supplied.


  • 1250kW Induction Heating Billet Furnaces
  • 400kW Induction Heating Billet Furnaces
  • 2000 kW Elotherm Billet Furnaces


  • 4000 Ton Forging Presses
  • 2500 Ton Forging Presses
  • 1600 Ton Forging Presses
  • 1300 Ton Forging Presses
  • 600 Ton Trim Presses
  • 350 Ton Trim Presses
  • 200 Ton Trim Presses
  • 125 Ton Trim Presses

Source International makes it easy for top quality, custom components or assemblies to be shipped directly from the factory to you. We enable you to enjoy the benefits of working with low-cost offshore suppliers, while encountering none of the problems.

Our Process:

  • Take Your Drawings
  • Manufacture and Package to Your Specs
  • Handle All Customs and Shipping Requirements
  • Deliver Directly to Your Loading Dock
Your Benefits:

  • 10% to 50% Savings
  • Improved or Equivalent Product Quality
  • Scheduling and Delivery to Meet Your Needs
  • A Single Point of Contact for a Complete Sourcing Solution