Our core Die Casting factory is a leading manufacturer of aluminum castings in several grades from 50g to 5kg in size. We deliver components and assemblies to industrial OEMs and offer related value added services such as machining, finishing, powder coating and assembly.

  • High Pressure Die Casting
  • Low Pressure Die Casting
  • Gravity Die Casting

Sand Casting is unsurpassed for large-part production. All ferrous and non ferrous alloys can be cast using the sand cast method, including gray iron, ductile iron, aluminum, brass, bronze, carbon steel, and stainless steel. Due to low cost mold patterns, Sand Casting is usually the least expensive of all the casting production processes. Our State-of-the-art automated foundries and control equipment ensure consistent sand castings in quantities from 3,000 to over 200,000 per year. We provide most of our products in a fully machined condition through one of our precision machine shops. Painting, plating, anodizing and hard coat finishes can also be applied.

  • 1 MT Induction Furnaces
  • Computer Controlled Mixers
  • Fluidized Sand Coolers
  • Molding & Coremaking

Investment Casting (lost-wax casting), is primarily used for small castings which require accuracy, repeatability, and integrity. Investment casting is generally more expensive than die casting or sand casting, but offers high production rates and extremely good surface finish (CT4-CT6 class accuracy and Ra1.6-6.3 surface roughness) with very little machining.

  • 400KW Induction Furnaces
  • Automatic Presses
  • Semi-automatic Presses
  • Manual Presses

Source International makes it easy for top quality, custom components or assemblies to be shipped directly from the factory to you. We enable you to enjoy the benefits of working with low-cost offshore suppliers, while encountering none of the problems.

Our Process:

  • Take Your Drawings
  • Manufacture and Package to Your Specs
  • Handle All Customs and Shipping Requirements
  • Deliver Directly to Your Loading Dock
Your Benefits:

  • 10% to 50% Savings
  • Improved or Equivalent Product Quality
  • Scheduling and Delivery to Meet Your Needs
  • A Single Point of Contact for a Complete Sourcing Solution