About Streamline Sourcing

streamline-sourceteam2015-400x375Who We Are

Streamline Sourcing is an extensive network of industrial contract manufacturing factories in China.

Utilizing a network of US based account executives and engineers, working with a network of low-cost-country project managers and partner factories, we have tested and refined our production process for over 25 years in order to provide you with the highest quality components and products.

Committed to serving small to mid-size domestic manufacturers, we focus on keeping our overhead low in order to offer you the most competitive pricing with the fastest possible turnaround. Whether you are currently purchasing overseas or would like to find a reliable source, Streamline Sourcing can help.

What we do

Streamline Sourcing takes the hassle out of dealing with overseas manufacturers. You have a single point of contact for all of your sourcing needs. We have the facilities, personnel, and experience to provide the highest quality components with savings of up to 50% of your current costs.

If you manufacture it, we’ll supply the components. If you want it manufactured, we’ll provide the entire assembly, packaged and ready for your customer.

We manage quality and process control. We take care of scheduling and delivery to meet your factory needs. We deliver perfect parts, to your dock, when you want them. Streamline delivers a complete solution to your outsourcing needs.


Streamline Sourcing makes overseas outsourcing a seamless part of your domestic manufacturing. Our US based account executives coordinate and manage all phases of the process. They are 100% accessible to you. They are in direct contact with our on-site managers overseas.

Prior to production, we provide first articles for review and approval. Production run is guaranteed to be equal-to, or superior-to quality of approved first article.

We handle ALL paperwork, including clearing of US Customs.

Prices include all importing charges such as customs, insurance, tariffs and taxes. There are never any hidden charges.


Streamline Sourcing coordinates all shipping details.

Product is delivered to your port or directly to your loading dock.

Partial container orders are possible.


We offer flexible packaging options. Whether it is for retail display or bulk distribution, we can provide you with what you need.


All of our facilities are quality certified ISO approved manufacturers.

We provide the following as needed:

  • ISO 9001, ISO 9002, A2LA and CNLA Certificates
  • Testing Available With Every Shipment
  • Inspection Report
  • Material Certificates
  • Tolerance inspection
  • Hardness and Torque Inspection
  • Plating Certification
  • PPAP Testing Certification available. (Levels 1, 2, 3)
  • Torque Certification
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